Serbian Slava Calendar

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Serbian Americans History Culture Press, source:, 845×1200 pixel, size: 75.06 KB

Czar Lazar is the one who added the 4 C s to the Serbian crest that you will find everywhere even to his day
Serbian History 101 Kosovo Serbia S Jerusalem Косово Србија, source:, 800×2125 pixel, size: 361.89 KB

A page of the timetable of the Jugoslavenske željeznice Yugoslav Railways from 1983
Daily” Live In Serbia – Fabian S Site & Blog, source:, 2476×1841 pixel, size: 1.16 MB

Greetings For Christams, source:, 3308×4745 pixel, size: 2.29 MB

1200px Sveti Jovan
Slava, source:, 1200×900 pixel, size: 197.72 KB

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An example of a Christmas table in Serbia grilled pork olivie salad also called Russian salad dzadziki salad red wine and Bajadera sweets
Serbian Christmas Traditions, source:, 4581×3448 pixel, size: 2.32 MB

Table 1 Calendar of tourist events of the municipality of Kruševac
Zeljko Bjeljac Principal Research Felow, source:, 320×320 pixel, size: 24.51 KB

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