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Japanese Calendar Year Year the Japanese Calendar japanese new year history prior to the meiji period the date of the japanese new year had been based on japanese versions of lunisolar calendar the last of which was the year 2018 calendar – japan calendars – online and print friendly – for any year and month and including public holidays and observances for countries worldwide find an amazing japanese calendar events & festivals annual japanese festivals are held the same time each year and celebrate a seasonal or historical event obon festivals happen during summer over several midnight eye visions of japanese cinema interviews the only place to be for the latest and best in japanese cinema interviews features film reviews book reviews calendar of events and dvd releases fiscal year a fiscal year or financial year or sometimes bud year is the period used by governments for accounting and bud purposes which vary between countries the solar terms and the chinese 60 year calendar cycle the solar terms and the chinese calendar chinese astronomy divides the year into twenty four parts "fortnights" based on the longitude of the sun on calendars japanese emperor date i18nguy calendars japanese emperor date the traditional japanese calendar consists of eras based on the reigning emperors the imperial date format is required 12 zodiac animals & zodiac calendar buddhism in japan 12 zodiac animals of china & japan juni shi zodiac calendar lunar calendar yin yang five elements digital dictionary of japanese buddhism 2018 nishi hongwanji buddhist temple obon summer festival 2018 nishi hongwanji buddhist temple obon summer festival los angeles 2 days live taiko bingo games delicious japanese food farmers mkt calendar vintage japanese motorcycle club of north america the greatest vintage motorcycle weekend in the world will be held at the largest motorcycle museum and motorsports park in north america for the 14th year